Record no. Notes, topics or text

An index card with notes on it was inserted between pp. 334-5 of Wallace's The Logic of Hegel (Russell's Library, no. 1596). The notes are in an unidentified hand.


BR thanks the van der Hoops for their kindness while he stayed with them and reports that his journey was smooth.


Full text. Rifaat is Minister Secretary of the Arab Socialist Union, U.A.R. Rifaat tells BR his talks with Nicholas Johnson were "very fruitful", and that Al-Ahram published BR's article on Saudi Arabia. Rifaat suggested that BR send a "lengthy article re nonalignment for the monthly Arab magazine El Katib." See record 68249. At the foot of the page, in Schoenman's hand, is a draft of a cabled response sent 12 September 1964.

Article in preparation and will be sent shortly. Eagerly awaiting decision regarding our proposals. Kind regards B.R.