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Karol Krysik Books / David Harley

Hatton, John F.
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BR thanks Hatton for his letter of 1954/08/27 (Record 24381) and the two books of Jamaica stories. BR encloses some photographs and a copy of The Good Citizen's Alphabet.

Hatton's response is record 24382. David Harley is the current owner.

Note from bookseller:

This book was mailed by Russel[l] to Mr. John F. Hatton in Toronto, Ontario. Included are also handwritten drafts from Hatton's letter to Russel[l], and Russel[l]'s signed response from his station in Richmond, Surrey. A real photo post card of Bertrand Russell by Ida Kar is included here. Jacket spine sunned, with small tears to head. Slight rubbing to boards, extremities and the boards a little bowed but otherwise a nice copy. John Frederick Hatton [1921-2006] enrolled in Victoria College, at the University of Toronto, in 1943. He ultimately graduated with an MA in English and Philosophy in 1947. When he began his studies at university, it was his intention to become a minister with the United Church of Canada; he had even won a scholarship to pursue this path. However, as he studied philosophy for a number of years at the university, his thoughts took a different turn. He immersed himself in both Western and Eastern philosophy and logic. Ultimately, he encountered the writings of Bertrand Russell, and became convinced that a role within the traditional religious institution was no longer his aspiration. While he abjured conventional religious orthodoxy, he did carry a deep spirituality and sense of responsibility to humanity in general. He was unable to serve in the army in World War II for medical reasons; instead, he was passionate about assisting those who had lost family-members overseas. In addition, he wrote letters to governments all over the world strongly advocating peace and the futility of war. Russell's work resounded with John, and as a result he advocated logic and rational ideas towards the goal of peace. John shared Russell's view that religion was little more than superstition, and was largely harmful to people. He believed that religion and religious outlook served to impede knowledge and was responsible for much of our world's wars and violence. In 1954, Mr. Hatton wrote to Bertrand Russell expressing his admiration and esteem for the philosopher's works. Bertrand Russell graciously responded with an autographed copy of The Good Citizen's Alphabet and two photographs. Both men were members of the British Humanist Association and the Rationalist Association

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Typed letter, signed by Bertrand Russell, page 1
Typed letter, signed by Bertrand Russell, page 2
Envelope address to Hatton, with blue air mail sticker and green British postage stamps
Envelope address to Hatton, with the word 'book' written on it. No stamps visible.
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