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Mikhailusenko, Igor
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BR thanks Mikhailusenko for his letter of 8 August 1962 and is glad that he shares BR's nuclear war concerns. The signature appears to be secretarial.

A typed carbon is available at record 100811.

The entirety of the 26 July 1962 letter is available at record 131609.

In the Abebooks entry this and 3 other letters are described as follows:

"July-September 1962., 1962. Four letters with their envelopes. 4to and oblong 8vo. Altogether 6 pp. on 6 ff. All addressed to the Russian journalist and poet Igor Mikhailusenko (b. 1932) concerning Russia and the cold war: "[.] I believe that the two German States are equally dangerous. Western Germany is fanatically obsessed with the cold war and Eastern Germany is a cruel, vicious tyranny, capable of keeping its population within its borders only with barbed wire and machine guns. I think that the Government of the Soviet Union and the Government of the United States have a responsibility to come to an agreement which reflects the interests of peace and not the interests of either German State. I think that the problem of West Berlin could be solved in several ways. One would be for a united Berlin to become the seat of the United Nations, another would be for West and East Berlin to become a neutral city under the jurisdiction of the United Nations, and another would be for Berlin to become autonomous, protected through agreement by both East and West [.]" (from the letter of September 5, 1962). - Together with a flyer for Russell's Committee of 100 mass sit-down, originally scheduled for September 9, 1962, but canceled for lack of support. - Generally good, sizes vary." Seller: Antiquariat INLIBRIS Gilhofer Nfg. GmbH.

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