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Coates won't be in Nottingham but invites Nick to see Ken Fleet.


A label for a box file used when BR was writing Principia Mathematica. The original and revised label texts are in the Recipient field. See the illustration in K. Blackwell, "The Principia Box Files", Russell 43 (winter 2023): 175–6.


A label for a box file used when BR was writing Principia Mathematica. The original and revised label texts are in the Recipient field. See the illustration in K. Blackwell, "The Principia Box Files", Russell 43 (winter 2023): 175–6.


A label for a box file used when BR was writing Principia Mathematica. The original and revised label texts are in the Recipient field. See the illustration in K. Blackwell, "The Principia Box Files", Russell 43 (winter 2023): 175–6.


The letter concerns Sarah and John Russell and the Estate. Sarah does not qualify as a dependant.


Black sent Felton his charges for Archives II, which involved lengthy discussions with Richard Robinson and Felton to overcome difficulties.


The Blacks cannot visit Edith as they had hoped.


The Blacks spent a week in Venice.


"Mr. Farley has asked me to send you a copy of the first agreement with McMaster University concerning the archives," It is dated 28 March 1968.


"Instructions to Counsel on behalf of the defendants to advise in Conference on Friday, 25th January, 1974 at 4.00 p.m." The defendants were Edith Russell, Christopher Farley and Anton Felton, the plaintiff was John Conrad Russell.


Felton is considering the whole situation, which is unspecified but refers to Edith's letter of 8 Feb.


The letter concerns Edith swearing an affidavit. A copy of her will was sent to Farley to keep.


Enclosed is Edith's typed affidavit with one page correctly in pencil by Farley; Edith wrote "scrapped on this document" (document 313603A). There is also a handwritten statement by Edith, "Can't arrange with Commissioner of Oaths to sign this till the following points are settled" (document 313603B), raising many points. Another handwritten statement by Edith, "Affidavit" (document 313603C), which is chiefly a rewriting of her first ms. document.


A "fresh copy of the Affidavit" was enclosed, not present here. On the letter Edith wrote points which need correction as well as points accepted. She also wrote that she received, answered, signed and sent (the affidavit) on 5th March.


Black is now filing the Affidavit.


This affidavit is signed by Dora Russell, using her legal name of Dora Grace ("D.W. Grace").


An affidavit sworn by Jack Black; there is also photocopy of a handwritten draft. Black says the affairs of the deceased earl are "extremely complicated".


Edith wants to be clear on past and future legal charges. 

The Blacks hope to visit Edith again.


"Following the Hearing before the Chancery Master on which I reported to you in my letter of 5 April, the further Affidavit has been filed on behalf of John Russell, by Mrs. Grace and Counsel has now drafted an Affidavit in reply to be sworn by me." Note: Black's letter of 5 April is not in this file.

The Blacks are evidently to have join Edith for tea on 27 May.


Black has had a long conversation with Felton. Figures are in process if being agreed with Inland Revenue.


"Memorandum re: the Estate of the Right Honourable the Earl Russell Deceased; Matters discussed and decisions reached at a meeting ... on 4th June" is enclosed with this letter (document 313611A). Present at the meeting were Christopher Farley, Anton Felton, and Jack Black. Felton's activities may wind down, but mentioned for literary agency activities is "the McMaster project for the collected edition" [i.e. the Collected Papers of Bertrand Russell].


The letter concerns John Conrad Russell's maintenance and negotiations with the tax authorities re the Estate.


The letter concerns looking into pensions for Edith.


Black will look into the question of pensions for Edith.


The letter concerns the payment of Black's accounts.


This draft is written on an used envelope; it concerns insurance policies.


This draft begins "2)"; it has no closing and concerns insurance policies. On 14 Dec. 1974 there was a plumbing malfunction with the consequence that the cold water tank cracked.


This letter concerns insurance policies and flood damage from 14 Dec. 1974.


This letter concerns insurance on the water damage from 14 Dec. 1974.


This letter concerns insurance policies. It is written on the same piece of paper as record 133038.


This letter concerns a letter Edith has received from her landlord, Osmond Williams. It is written on the same piece of paper as record 133037.


This letter concerns repairs needed to the water tanks at Plas Penrhyn; Edith addresses him as Michael. It is written on the recto of records 133037 and 133038.


This letter concerns repairs needed to the water tanks at Plas Penrhyn.


"I have now had an opportunity of going through your Lease and I am afraid that it does seem that your are liable to pay for the damage which has occurred" at Plas Penrhyn. The question is whether water tanks are part of the structure of the house.


Black returns (not present) papers concerning the water tank repairs at Plas Penrhyn.


The letter concerns B.D.S. Lock (of Coward Chance).


This is an account statement from Heald and Nickinson with the Estate executors, encl. V.A.T. invoice.


"I am writing to let you know that agreement has been finally reached with the Estate Duty Office and outstanding estate duty has now all been paid." "A Conference with Counsel has been arranged ... on Tuesday next 16th December."


"Conference with Counsel: Mr Colin Rimer, December 16 1975, J Black, P Brown, A Felton, C Farley".

The account of the conference concerns possible serious liabilities toward John Conrad Russell and Katharine Tait. Inflation is a factor. The Russell Estate does not want to sell copyrights.


The letter concerns various liabilities of the Russell Estate and a request to deal with Black's invoice relating to John Conrad Russell's claims.


Enclosed is a copy of paragraph 8 of the former Affidavit sworn by Edith. The paragraph concerns Edith's financial position. She has marked it up with detailed updates. She gave a lot of her capital to the BRPF.


Enclosed is a letter, record 313632, from Mrs. Edwards, a member of the domestic staff at Plas Penrhyn, concerned about her legacy in BR's will.


Mrs. Edwards, a former member of the domestic staff at Plas Penrhyn, was a beneficiary.


Edith corrected this typewritten draft; beneath the draft Christopher Farley wrote the names of Black, Fleet and Felton with tasks assigned to them. The letter concerns the lease and the owner's intentions. Her "21-year lease on Plas Penrhyn ends in the second quarter of this year." The rent is already known to rise from £200 to £550. Sir Osmond Williams was the owner.


The letter, covering 2 sides, concerns Edith's detailed financial situation, to replace the affidavit of 1974.


Black sets out an option for Plas Penrhyn. "In this way you would have the security of knowing that you could live in the house for the rest of your life at a fair rent, and Sir Osmond would know that he and his family would obtain possession of the house on your death." There are three penciled "OK" remarks in the margin; Edith noted: "The 'OK's' in the margin are made by Sir Osmond Williams."


The letter concerns Edith's financial affairs and the legacies to Mrs. Edwards and Mr. Mullock, and is annotated by Edith.


The letter concerns the BR Estate's being able to pay bequests, in this case from a codicil that BR didn't sign.


The letter, addressed to "Michael", concerns the Plas Penrhyn lease. She wants Black's letter of 9 February, record 134053, returned to her.



Mrs. Lloyd was surprised to receive the cheque (for £100). "Lord Russell ... was a model patient and to me it has been a great privilege to be and shall be of service." (Was she a caregiver?)


Mrs. Edwards had received her legacy cheque.


Mrs. Jones' family thank Edith for the bequest cheque of £50.


The letter concerns the Plas Penrhyn lease. Edith asks if there is anything further to do on the affidavit on the Dora-John case.


Black is "pleased to see that the terms for the new [Plas Penrhyn] lease are agreed." The Dora- John case proceeds.


This document is Edith's draft affidavit at Lincoln's Inn. Also in the file are an affidavit of Felton's (document 314641B and an "Opinion in the Matter of the Estate of Bertrand Arthur William Earl Russell Deceased", 12 April 1976 (document 313641C).

Edith's draft affidavit (with handwritten changes) updates her financial situation.


This document is Felton's draft affidavit at Lincoln's Inn. 


The Counsel has agreed to the payment of Katharine Tait's legacy. Edith has written copious notes in the margin including information on John provided by Sarah that he is living at Peers' Hostelry and plans to take his sear in the Lords.


Edith raises various questions in hopes of getting decisions made and action taken. She asks if John will draw Peer's pay.


John Conrad Russell is under the care of the Court of Protection.


The letter concerns the Plas Penrhyn lease; Edith wrote notes on this letter about contacting Osmond Williams.


The letter concerns the Plas Penrhyn lease. Black thanks Edith for letting him know that John Russell has taken his seat in the House of Lords. The enclosed letter is from Edward Jones & Son, record 134069.


Edward Jones & Son are acting on behalf of Osmond Williams, owner of Plas Penrhyn.


The letter concerns the Plas Penrhyn lease and the inheritance claim affidavits.


Edith has noted on the letter that she signed, had witnessed, and returned the Affidavit that was enclosed.


The letter concerns a letter from Edith to the Trustees of the Atlantic Peace Foundation.


Edith is looking forward to receiving the new lease for Plas Penrhyn.


The letter concerns payment under the terms of the new Plas Penrhyn lease (with increase withheld until the lease is signed).


Black encloses a letter he sent to Edward Jones & Son re the Plas Penrhyn lease, record 134076.


This letter concerns the Plas Penrhyn lease, which is awaited.


This letter concerns John Russell's inheritance claim; Edith wrote notes on this letter. She notes that John spoke in the Lords on a debate initiated by Fenner Brockway.


This letter concerns the end of the BRPF's tax appeal; the enclosed letter is to Ken Fleet, record 134079.


On whether Mr. Perry's donation of £500 for the BRPF's tax appeal should be returned to him, the appeal having not resulted in costs for the action.


The letter concerns John Russell's inheritance claim. "... because of all the enforced delay in tax and other settlements, I have had to draw largely on my own capital." John seems to be earning a Lords stipend.


Black will look into the points Edith raises in her letter of 30 July.


This letter was sent to Edith with a compliments card. No word has been received on the lease.


Kate Tait's lawyers are asking for interest to be paid at at a higher rate; Black suggests compromising at a rate of 7 1/2 per cent.


Felton writes about computing the new amount of interest to be paid to Kate Tait. The letter was sent to Edith with a compliments slip.


Edith wants to know how much the increased interest would amount to before agreeing.


They are awaiting affidavits from Taylor, Dora's lawyer, re John's case.


Felton's calculation is that Kate Tait should be paid an additional £505.02. Edith's personal tax rate on Estate income is about 70%, so the payment would come at little cost. Tax withheld would be 35%.


"My own capital is nearly exhausted and I should like to receive something from the Estate." 

"It seems a pity that the Estate should linger unsettled."


Edith agrees to Kate's payment, so long as Felton and Farley are agreed.


The contribution that "the County Council will make for John's maintenance" is not yet known.


The letter concerns the Plas Penrhyn lease. Edith's undated draft reply, record 134092, is written at the foot. The letter has "Disregard" written on it.


This draft reply concerns the Plas Penrhyn lease and is at the foot of Black's letter.


This letter concerns the Plas Penrhyn lease.


This letter concerns the Plas Penrhyn lease. The letter is signed "Michael."


This letter concerns the Plas Penrhyn lease. It is written on the verso of record 134093.


Mr. Black is away.



Black sends Edith the Plas Penrhyn lease. On the envelope Edith wrote: "Signed & witnessed 18/1/77, Posted to J. Black 20/1/77."


Edith is returning the Plas Penrhyn lease to Jack Black. The letter includes financial information about the payments. She also wrote financial information on two small slips of paper clipped to this letter.


The lease was received. Black will find out what adjusted payments Edith should make.


The Estate "has now entered its eighth year without settlement ... [the] strain for Lady Russell in not knowing her real financial circumstances ... must be very considerable ... It really is very worrying that she continues to live alone and has no idea if and when she may be able to have someone live in to help with some of the essential housework."

Chris writes on his Ramsden Road letterhead.


The enclosed letter is to Christopher Farley, record 134102.


"I am very sorry that Lady Russell should find herself in this uncertain state for so long. The matter is by no means neglected and I will do whatever is possible in these almost Dickensian proceedings to bring things" to a conclusion. "In the meantime I think the executors should certainly consider getting someone to live in to help Lady Russell", "considering the income of the Estate, whatever the outcome of the inheritance proceedings."


The letter concerns catching up with the Plas Penrhyn rent.


This draft is written on the verso of Black's letter of 18 February, record 134103.


The enclosed is from Edward Jones & Son, record 134106.


The letter concerns the Plas Penrhyn rent.


John Russell "has been accepted by the Richmond Fellowship Hostel" which "is an indication of his continuing mental disability." The enclosed letter, 134108, is from Lewis W. Taylor & Co.