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This letter has the initials "CH" written in ink at the top.

Frank writes mainly about various visitors as well as the delivery of BR's messages. The letter contains a message from Miss Rinder.

She clarifies the initials S.M. They "should be D.M., D. Mackenzie". Her message includes messages from Percy (Constance Malleson) and the Snowdens. She notes that Ottoline Morrell has sent her "a list of books she obtained from Lytton Strachey".

She tells BR that the Master of the Temple (E.W. Barnes) sends "friendly messages" and that V.T. (Violet Tillard) paid York Buildings a final visit yesterday.

There is a note on the verso from the secretary, E.S. King, explaining why there is no note from Elizabeth Russell.

Separate records: document .079990a, record 116669, has been created for the message from Malleson; Rinder's message is document .079990b, record 119616; King's note is document .079990c, record 119617.


BRACERS 46925. TLS. McMaster
Proofread by K. Blackwell

FRIDAY 12 July 1918.

My dear Bertie,

I have been very much rushed this week, the whole of Wednesday having been taken up at Coventry, and the whole of yesterday at Luton, but next week I hope to be able to get at the various authorities about your matters. I have some difficulty in getting answers from Nevinson although I met him at the Reform the other day. If you specially want him I will try and get him for the 31st, with I suppose Lady Ottoline. Let me know on Wednesday, when you know Dakyns and Margaret Davies are coming. I sent your message to Miss Wrinch about the Psychological Review, to Miss Kyle, and to Broad. Also the messages in your letter. You will notice that Maud Burdett will not be able to come on the 31st in that case. Our visit to the Pirries was a great success and very pleasant. I am very fond of both of them, and so was E. by the time we left. We were very well fed as you can imagine, and the weather was divine. I will see if I can possibly get the Spectator, but think it doubtful. We go down to T. H. this afternoon, and are taking Lady Constance with us, but the weather looks remarkably doubtful. Pirrie by the way expects the war to go on another three years. On the other hand a Canadian officer we met there was convinced that the fighting would be over in fifteen months. “You pays your money and you takes your choice”! By the way I have just remembered that you cannot have Nevinson on the 31st; he told me he would be in France then. We cannot find the Lippincott Contract anywhere; try and remember exactly where you put it.

Yours affly

I am sorry but I find I have no novels to send you this week.

Miss Rinder’s message. “Sorry you find initials puzzling, S.M. should be D.M., D. Mackenzie. — Lady O. has sent me a list of books on Voltaire she obtained from Lytton Strachey. Do you want them to be sent you from L.L.? Percy much enjoyed all your news. He hopes to send a budget soon. I just rushed in this morning but had to hurry to my new home where I sit on piles of carpet and deal firmly with decorators. The Snowdens are at Garsington; she asks me to say you “are in our thoughts all the time”. I met the Master of the Temple the other day, he wanted to know how you were getting on and sent friendly messages. I was so glad to get such good news of you from your visitors. V.T. paid Y.B. final visit yesterday; she was in very good spirits. Have more news but no time as chaos reign all round. Its not one of those pleasant removals you described to me”

Dear Mr. Russell, I had instructions from his Lordship to ask her Ladyship to add a message, but at the moment I could not attend to it, and forgot before I went to lunch, and when I got back in about half an hour, they had left for T. H. I am very sorry as I fear you will think this a short letter. I hope you won’t mind my adding this explanation.

Yours truly,
ES King

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