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Morrell, Ottoline
Rinder, Gladys
No-Conscription Fellowship
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A transcription of an original document, prepared by BR. BR, Rinder says, "has no idea of how much of my time he has taken". She encloses extracts of BR's public letters.

Full text. (Proofread by K. Blackwell.)

1917 Club
4, Gerrard Street, W.1.

Dear Lady Ottoline,

Your letter gave me very real pleasure; I very much enjoyed Wednesday afternoon, and was particularly glad to have had a talk with you. I'm glad you think I've really helped B.R., sometimes I feel like an interfering nuisance. But the things must be done and as I told him once, I am one of the rather old fashioned people who really enjoy doing things for their friends, so there's no merit in it. Besides its horrible to think of him shut up and fretting because he wants something done. All the same its amusingly true that he has no idea of how much of my time he has taken and I never mean to let him know, it would be intolerable if he felt one was a bother or that he had to be grateful. We must do everything we can.

Lady Constance is delighted to write weekly and said if any more could be written you ought to write them, but I do think he might sometime like one from C.A., and unless I hear from you again I want to write myself this week as I must let him know that I shall still do anything he wants whatever my work may be. I shall have to explain the situation, and its complicated, and in addition I've lots of messages for him, otherwise I shouldn't write. I enclose a copy of extracts from B.R.'s letters for public consumption! The books sound exciting, I will see that they are sent to him.

We have had a lovely weekend at Winchelsea, war seems to be an incredible nightmare when one sees crowds of wild birds and star like flowers all round. I shall probably work at 5 York Buildings, Adelphi,* but am not yet certain. I hope you are better,

Yours very sincerely,
W. Gladys Rinder.

*[The N.C.F. Office] (B.R.)

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