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Texas, U. of, HRC

Morrell, Ottoline
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"Goring. Sat. 9 a.m. My Darling I had half hoped there would be a letter this morning at Ipsden, but I shall hope for one at Trinity. Last night I had to ride as far as Goring before finding a box to post my letter in; after that I had proofs to do, and I finished the third book of the Republic. All the stuff about the kinds of poetry and music that are to be tolerated is disgraceful—the spirit is that of Mrs. Grundy on the nude. Altogether of course Plato suffers from a belief in authority and system. The Athenians having been beaten by the Spartans, he thought everything Spartan must be better than everything Athenian, and praised the kind of rigidity that Sparta exhibited. In his republic there would have been no philosophers, because every one would have thought as his grandfather thought. Plato conceives wisdom as something to be learnt once for all by a definite unchanging curriculum, not as something only kept alive by the constant exercise of going beyond what one knew already. The laws of Lycurgus are his model. I think the French are still in this stage. It is the kind of view that leads to persecution.

Today I have a lecture and supper at the Cornfords—tomorrow nothing—Monday two lectures, and come to London immediately after the one at Girton.

I am thinking a good deal about Prisons—not about the matter so much as about the form. I am rather stuck for the moment, but I think it will come right by the time I have finished the S.S., of which I have only one more chapter to write. It may take longer, though. Probably I shall have to make experiments to see what sort of plan will work. I think I must read Sartor over again. Plato is best for my purposes, but I want other reading too. Ought I to read Marcus Aurelius (who must have eaten so much!) and...."

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