Record no. Notes, topics or text

An index card with notes on it was inserted between pp. 334-5 of Wallace's The Logic of Hegel (Russell's Library, no. 1596). The notes are in an unidentified hand.


BR thanks the van der Hoops for their kindness while he stayed with them and reports that his journey was smooth.


Full text. Rifaat is Minister Secretary of the Arab Socialist Union, U.A.R. Rifaat tells BR his talks with Nicholas Johnson were "very fruitful", and that Al-Ahram published BR's article on Saudi Arabia. Rifaat suggested that BR send a "lengthy article re nonalignment for the monthly Arab magazine El Katib." See record 68249. At the foot of the page, in Schoenman's hand, is a draft of a cabled response sent 12 September 1964.

Article in preparation and will be sent shortly. Eagerly awaiting decision regarding our proposals. Kind regards B.R.


BR declines an invitation to the Fourth Erewhon Dinner.


BR declines an invitation to the Sixth Erewhon Dinner.


BR doubts he will be in London on 1957/05/23 to see Piper.


BR is writing about the first paragraph of his article "Government by Propaganda" for the Encyclopaedia Britannica's These Eventful Years. BR notes that he's had to add in material that had been in footnotes, especially a reference to Cardinal Allen's Administration, and requests that these changes be kept.


BR thanks Gray for his letter of 1964/06/01, but is unable to write further "as my time is entirely occupied with the struggle to avert war". BR encloses literature about the BRPF and requests a donation.

The carbon copy is available at 9203.


BR sends literature on the BRPF outlining the aims of the organization. He requests financial support and suggestions of names of anyone else who might be interested.

The carbon is available at record 11427.


BR sends three copies of his signature because he cannot sign three books in person.


BR admires Halfill's opposition to capital punishment and the military machine.


The carbon is available at record 24224.


BR thanks Verhagen for her letter and encloses the requested signed photograph. Asks for contribution to the BRPF.

The typist misspelled this correspondent's name.

The carbon of this letter is available at 11239.


BR has filled out a card indicating that the topic of his talk on 1938/05/12 at the London Peace Pledge Union meeting will me "Can War Stop Fascism?". A note has been added to say that a reminder was sent to BR on 1938/05/06 in an unknown hand.


BR sends his autograph.


BR sends a photograph in lieu of a poem.

The carbon is available at 25966.


A covering letter to the attached letter regarding Griffith Barry [not included].


BR will undertake his next book after "Marriage and Morals" on the terms in Liveright's letter of 1928/10/22: £500 on signing the contract and £500 on publication, as an advance on royalties at 15%. BR says he will finish in the summer of 1930. He appreciates the work they did on "Education and the Good Life".


BR apologizes for not being able to reply sooner or to accept the invitation, he has been overwhelmed by mail since his release from prison. BR has made a small correction on wording.

The uncorrected carbon is available at 44218.


Full text.

30 Sydney Str SW3

Dear Mr. Harrod

I am very sorry, I haven't been working at philosophy lately, & shan't be for another 2 months or so, so I can't give you a paper just now. I could probably give one next autumn, but just at present I have no time for philosophical work. I should like to come & read a paper to the Jowett Society when it is possible.

Yours very truly
Bertrand Russell.


"I have just seen the Dr."

Mouth cancer proved unreal.