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Texas, U. of, HRC

Morrell, Ottoline
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"Thursday mg." "... I am in a terrific rush of work and excitement, which I love. Yesterday Wittgenstein turned up as I finished with you, and was on my hands till near midnight, except a brief period when I had to deal with the prodigy [Norbert Wiener]. You saw Wittgenstein's letter saying he wanted a means of preserving his work, and therefore wanted to tell me about it. I answered that I couldn't remember it that way, and he must write it down. Then his artistic conscience got in the way, and because he couldn't do it perfectly he couldn't do it at all. I tried one method after another: he spent Tuesday at Birmingham dictating extracts from his note-book to a German shorthand writer; then there were newer things, and things not sufficiently explained. He said he wd. make a statement of them, and sat down to do it. After much groaning he said he couldn't. I abused him roundly and we had a fine row. Then he said he wd. talk, and write down any of his remarks that I thought worth it, so we did that, and it answered fairly well. But we both got utterly exhausted, and it was slow. Today he is coming again, and Jourdain's secretary [Miss Harwood] (the one who is prettier than Waterlow's bride) is coming to take down our conversation in shorthand. Mercifully Jourdain sent her this morning to borrow a book of mine, so I grabbed her. It is early-closing day so no one can be got except as a favour. Tomorrow Wittgenstein goes to London, and Sat. to Norway. Today in the middle I have to have Lucy Donnelly's young lady to tea—she will give a breathing-space. All this suits me to perfection and prevents me from feeling impatience, or indeed anything except the wish to drag W's thoughts out of him with pincers, however he may scream with the pain. We walked out to Jourdain's to tea yesterday—it was nice there, but on the walk we were on each other's nerves."

Wants to make lecture VII into II—as it is easier. "I think everything can be grouped about the problem of the external world, and the difficulties kept till later." "Wittgenstein makes me feel it is worth while I should exist, because no one else could understand him or make the world understand him."

"Now I must stop. Wittgenstein and Jourdain's secretary will be here directly and then I shall have to start a fierce tussle with the combined difficulties of logic and human nerves."


SLBR 1: #216

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