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Texas, U. of, HRC

Morrell, Ottoline
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"Tuesday evg." I saw a good deal of Wittgenstein this aft.—he wears well. He is quite as good as I thought. I find him strangely exciting. He lives in the same kind of tense excitement as I do, hardly able to sit still or read a book. He was talking about Beethoven—how a friend described going to Beethoven's door and hearing him "cursing, howling and singing" over his new fugue; after a whole hour Beethoven at last came to the door, looking as if he had been fighting the devil, and having eaten nothing for 36 hours because his cook and parlour-maid had been away from his rage. That's the sort of man to be.

Wittgenstein brought me the most lovely roses today. He is a treasure. I have got a number of new technical ideas from him which I think are quite sound and important. I shan't feel the subject neglected by my abandoning it, as long as he takes it up. I thought he would have smashed all the furniture in my room today, he got so excited. He asked me how Whitehead and I were going to end our big book, and I said we should have no concluding remarks, but just stop with whatever formula happened to come last. He seemed surprised at first, and then saw that was right. It seems to me the beauty of the book* would be spoilt if it contained a single word that could possibly be spared. I argued about matter with him. He thinks it a trivial problem. He admits that if there is no matter then no one exists but himself, but he says that doesn't hurt, since physics and astronomy and all other sciences could still be interpreted so as to be true.—Yes, I think my daily round here is useful—Wittgenstein alone wd. have made it so."

*[Principia Mathematica]

L. begins "Tuesday evg. My Darling Darling Your dear letter of this mg. has just reached me. I will be with you by 11....

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