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Malleson, Constance
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This excerpt of a letter from BR to Malleson, sent from Harvard, is found on page 184–5 of Malleson's book, In the North.

"It is impossible to say how overjoyed I was to get a letter from you today. I had been wondering in a worried way what had become of you. In these days one never knows whether people are alive or dead. I have been offered a five years' job ... one lecture a week, on philosophy in relation to culture, from Pythagoras to Dewey. ... Pythagoras said 'There are Gods and men and Pythagoras.' He used mathematics mystically as a means of salvation, by liberation from the lusts of the flesh, especially beans, which he forbade. A queer fish: Einstein and Mrs. Eddy combined. I should like to see England again before I die, but God knows whether I shall, or whether it will be at all like the England I loved. I should like to see you again, and I know you will still be the Colette I loved. You have an unconquerable spirit—which one values more and more in these days when almost everything is shattered. Work remains. I plan a big book, a sort of history of philosophy, irreverent, showing up Plato, dealing with the problem of reconciling individuality with cohesion. One writes nowadays for a distant future, say 1,000 years hence, when the new shackles will have worn thin and the human spirit will again face the world unafraid. I feel it is worth while, and would rather not be dead. I am lecturing my book, which will be called, An Inquiry into Meaning and Truth. I have heard nothing from Desmond. He still writes in the New Statesman, so is still alive, or was lately. Bob is still going strong, translating the classics. His translation of Lucretius was excellent.

Goodbye Colette dear. If this reaches you, write again soon.

Love from B."



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