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Southern Illinois U., Carbondale, Library

Carus, Paul
Open Court Publishing Co.
Jourdain, Philip E.B.
Open Court Publishing Co.
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"You know perhaps that Russell and another English Philosopher Hoernlé have been asked to lecture at Harvard next March for a short time. In Russell's rooms yesterday I saw the draft of his lectures which he has just begun to write out. It would be a splendid thing if these lectures could be published in the Monist. They are on the theory of knowledge, and I send you a copy of Russell's syllabus which however will probably be not kept to exactly. The part I have seen is the first part of part 1, A and it deals in part with William James's Theory of consciousness. I suggested to Russell that these lectures, or as much of them as he thinks suitable, should be published in the Monist and I suggested to him, subject to your approval, a fee of £3.3.0 per thousand words. This payment is rather high but I think that it will be fully worth your while. In the first place these lectures would be printed before the Harvard lectures are given (Russell would let me have the first 70 pages to send you in about a month), and everything written by Russell is eagerly read in both England and America, America I believe particularly. In England there were very large sales of The Monist when it contained articles by or on Russell. The publication of these lectures would go on through five or six numbers of the Monist. As for the publication in book form, that might be also done by you subsequently. The only thing is that Russell is anxious to have the words in the book spelt in the English way, so that I expect that would mean that the book had better be printed in England and published by you."




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