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Thomas, John E.

Bertrand Russell Centenary Celebrations, McMaster University
Thomas, John E.
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John E. Thomas was the chairman of the planning committee for the Bertrand Russell Centenary Celebrations at McMaster University, 12-14 October 1972. His correspondents for this event included the following invited speakers, guests and McMaster staff:
A.J. Ayer, David R. Bell, R.W. Binkley, Max Black, K. Blackwell, Arthur Bourns, J.L. Brereton, Robert E. Butts, Dennis A. Carson, Chrystine E. Cassin, Gilles Cazabon, A. Chakravarty, Noam Chomsky, Ronald W. Clark, Victor Copps, Peter G. Cranford, R.H.S. Crossman, the Canada Council, R.K. Dasgupta, Lester E. Denonn, A.R.C. Duncan, Cyrus Eaton, Lee Eisler, Sid Emberley, Christopher Farley, Barry Feinberg, Anton Felton, Saul Field, J.L. Finley, Sidney T. Fisher, Ivor Grattan-Guinness, Eugene Griffin, Peter Hayman (British High Commission, Ottawa), W.F. Hellmuth, Hsu Chung-fu, R.T. Hutcheson, Ronald Jager, Gabriel Kolko, Raymond Klibansky, Corliss Lamont, William Ross MacDonald, Tsutomu Makino, Robert C. Marsh, Marcia McClung, Alexander G. Mckay, Richard McMurray, Boris P. Miroshnichenko, Robert Muehlmann, Iris Murdoch, Sami M. Najm, James A. Nathan, A.S. Neill, Jo Newberry (Vellacott), Douglas Odegard, Thomas M. Olshewsky, Daniel J. O'Hagan, Joe Park, David Pears, Gerard Pelletier, W.V. Quine, J.E. Raven (mentioning Michael Scott), William Ready, Nicholas Rescher, Howard Riddle, S.P. Rosenbaum, Harry Ruja, Conrad Russell, Edith Russell, J. Russell (Queen's University), Gilbert Ryle, Israel Scheffler, Adolph W. Schmidt, W.R. Shea, John G. Slater, A. Stevenson, I.F. Stone, Bernard Suits, Raymond Szabo, Derek Thomsett, Emmanuel Trepanier, Katharine Tait, Rayner Unwin, D.J. Urquhart, P.H. Walton, F.S. Weatherston, N.L. Wilson, Manuel Zack.

The correspondence with speakers resulted in publication of selected proceedings in Russell in Review, ed. Thomas and Blackwell (1976).

Typescripts of some of the papers, both published and unpublished, are present in the files, and transcriptions of filmed interviews.

Also a file of administrative arrangements and a file of clippings.

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